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Here’s what’s new and already on shelves in 2009!


Super WHY!™ Puzzles – The Super WHY! TV show airs nationwide on PBS. Its focus on encouraging early childhood literacy makes it a favorite with parents, but the fun superhero characters make it a top-rated show with kids. Here’s what’s super new for us:
Super WHY!™ 24-Piece Puzzles
Kids enjoy the characters and scenes from Super WHY!™ in these bright, colorful 24-piece puzzles. Ages 3 and up.

Super WHY!™ 60-Piece Hidden Word Puzzles
Kids practice word-image recognition as they scour each puzzle scene for 30 hidden words using their special Why-Finder magnifier (included with the puzzle). 60 pieces. Ages 4 and up.

Super WHY!™ 50-Piece SUPER You-Sized Puzzles
Kids celebrate their favorite characters by putting together a 50-piece shaped floor puzzle just as big as they are (3 feet tall)! Ages 4 and up.

Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ Double Image puzzle
Children’s favorite story comes to life in this 24-piece double image puzzle. Tilt the puzzle (or the box) and see the lenticular image change from the caterpillar to the butterfly and back again. It’s two images in one! Ages 3 and up.

Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar™/Brown Bear 24-Piece Puzzles
Images from Eric Carle’s top two books are featured in these 24-piece puzzles. It’s the caterpillar with all the food he eats and the brown bear with all the friends he meets! Ages 3 and up.

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa™ 24-piece Penguin Puzzles
Based on the sequel to the first movie, the New York zoo animals land in the wilderness of Africa. This puzzle assortment focuses on those crazy penguins – Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico. Ages 3 and up.


The 39 Clues™ puzzle
The Cahills are the most powerful family the world has ever known. There are thirty-nine clues hidden around the world guarding the family's power. It's Cahill vs Cahill in a worldwide race to find the clues, and the 39 Clues books, collectible cards, interactive website and, of course, University Games’ games and puzzles, all send kids on a global scavenger hunt to see if they can uncover the clues that unlock the world’s greatest secret. With our 39 Clues™ 200-pc jigsaw puzzle, kids tackle the mystery and excitement of the series while assembling an image featuring siblings Amy and Dan Cahill. Inside is a unique collector’s card, found in no other product! Ages 6 and up.