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Still the same great fun, safe, creative and imaginative play products you and your parents had fun with growing up... now with the hottest preschool licenses and formats that appeal to a new generation of kids!

Colorforms, the classic toy brand that has inspired young kids to follow their own imaginations for over 58 years, develops important skills in visual creativity and emotional expression. Unlike many newer toy brands on the market, our toys encourage kids to learn by using their imagination in an open-ended environment they create themselves.

In 2009, we have both time-honored favorites and new proven formats—the best activity products for young children on the market and the hottest preschool licenses around.

Colorforms® - A colorful past and a bright future
  1. A brand parents and grandparents trust.
  2. Founded in 1951, Colorforms is one of the oldest and best-known toy brands.
  3. Colorforms was the first plastic based creative toy introduced in the industry.
  4. Colorforms was one of the first toys ever advertised on television.
  5. A time-tested classic, Colorforms has been nominated as a "Top 100 Toy of the 20th Century" by TIA (Toy Industry Association).
  6. Recognized for quality safe play for over 58 years.

It's more fun to play the Colorforms way!

  1. Colorforms is magical, playful, imaginative, creative and open-ended.

  2. Colorforms is color and shape.
  3. A rectangle and two circles become a car, a square and a triangle become a house. Put them together and a story is born.
  4. Colorforms is visual, creative, and expressive. There are endless opportunities for expression.

  5. Colorforms is original and interactive.
  6. Creating a whole new world is easy - limited only by imagination.
  7. Colorforms is approachable, clean, and easy.
  8. No learning curves, no complicated instructions, no fuss, no muss - just pick it up and start playing.
  9. Colorforms is reusable, repositionable, and forgiving.
  10. It is the ultimate in personalization. Change your mind and change the scene over and over.
  11. Colorforms is trusted and nostalgic.
  12. It is a classic childhood experience that parents and grandparents want to share with your children.
  13. Colorforms is contemporary.
  14. It appeals to children as much today as it did to previous generations.
  15. Colorforms is universal.
  16. It is good wholesome fun for everyone.