Dress-Up Game




To be first to completely dress your character.




Set Up

1. Peel off the liner as indicated on the Colorforms vinyl sheets.

2. Punch out the character cards and stands, and hand one to each player.

3. When playing with older children, insert a stand into the bottom of each character card so that the cards stand upright. For younger children, it may be easier to place vinyl pieces onto the character cards if the cards are not upright players may insert stands into the character cards at the end of the game.


Playing the Game

1. The youngest player goes first by spinning the spinner.

2. The spinner will point to one of six types of pieces (shoes, pants, shirt, purse, glasses/necklace, or hat).

3. The youngest player chooses a Colorforms piece that matches the piece that the spinner arrow indicates. When players spin pants, they choose pants or a skirt. When players spin the glasses/necklace, they choose glasses and a necklace.

4. The youngest player places the piece that she chose on her character card.

5. Play passes to the left.

6. If players spin a piece that they already have, their turn is over and play passes to the left.


Winning the Game

The first player to completely dress a character (shoes, pants or skirt, shirt, purse, glasses/necklace, and hat) wins the game!


To keep Colorforms pieces sticking like new, occasionally wipe the play surfaces and the backs of the Colorforms pieces with a damp cloth.