Strawberry Shortcake Stick-OnTM Game





1 Stick-OnsTM  Sheet containing 60 Colorforms® Pieces that Stick like Magic!TM

Play Platform with Game Spinner

4 Character Cards



Huckleberry Pie has just zoomed all over Strawberryland on his skateboard and is now starving for a berry sweet goodie.  Strawberry Shortcake and her friends are out gathering as many berries as they can to make the ultimate strawberry shortcake.



To be the first player to collect 8 strawberry Stick-Ons and take a delicious strawberry shortcake to Huckleberry Pie.



  1. Remove the Play Platform from the box base and assemble the Game Spinner by snapping the stud and arrow into place in the hole at the center of the platform.
  2. Place the Play Platform back into the box base.
  3. Separate the Strawberry Shortcake Character Cards.
  4. Remove the excess material from the sheet of Colorforms Stick-OnsTM starting at the corner labeled “PEEL HERE.”



  1. Chose characters and distribute one Character Card to each player.
  2. The youngest player goes first by spinning the Spinner.  The arrow will point to 1 strawberry, 2 strawberries, 3 strawberries, Apple Dumpling, Huckleberry Pie or Pupcake.
  3. The player chooses the Colorforms Stick-Ons Piece indicated by the Spinner and places it on his/her Character Card, as follows:
    1. When a player spins one or more strawberries, he/she may take the number of strawberry Stick-Ons indicated by the Game Spinner from the Stick-Ons Sheet and place it on his/her Character Card.
    2. Huckleberry Pie is so hungry for a berry goodie that when a player spins Huckleberry Pie, the player gets a strawberry Stick-Ons piece to help Huckleberry Pie get close to receiving his strawberry shortcake.
    3. When a player spins Apple Dumpling, Apple Dumpling mischievously makes the player place an apple Stick-Ons piece onto the player’s Character Card instead of a strawberry.

                                                               i.      NOTE:  When a player’s Character Card has 3 apples, the player loses the next turn to sort out apples from strawberries.  The player removes the 3 apples from his/her Character Card before continuing to play.

    1. When a player spins Pupcake, Pupcake eats all the strawberries on the player’s Character Card and the player must return the strawberries to the Stick-Ons Sheet and start collecting berries all over again.


  1. Play passes to the next player on the left until one player wins.



The first player to collect 8 strawberry Stick-Ons on his/her Character Card my take a special strawberry Shortcake Stick-Ons piece and stick it onto the plate held by his/her character.


Keep Colorforms pieces sticking like new-occasionally wipe platform and pieces with damp cloth.