The Batman® Game






The first player to reach their Destination Card location and return to the Batcave wins!







1)  Separate the Destination Cards (yellow) from the other cards (black).  Create two separate card piles.

            2)  Shuffle cards and place face down.

3)  Select a playing piece and put it at either Wayne Field, Gotham Institute of Technology, or Gotham Memorial Cemetery.  This is your START space.

4)  Spin the spinner to see who is first.  High spinner spins again, moving his/her playing piece the correct number of spaces in any one direction.




            1)  Go to the Batcave.

            2)  Pick up a Destination Card.

            3)  Go to the hideout of the villain shown on your Destination Card.

            4)  Return to the Batcave—You are the winner!










            1)  A player spins the spinner and moves o the same space as another palyer

            2)  A player lands on a "Pow" Space

            3)  A "Fight Any Player" Card is played

First, either player may use a Battle Card to double the number on their battle spin.  Both players then spin.  The player with the hight spin wins the fight.  In case of a tie, players fight again, reusing their Battle Cards if played.  The winner moves his/her playing piece the number shown on the winning spin (winner moves double his/her spin if a Battle Card has been played) and takes a black card from the loser.  Players do not follow the instructions on the spaces they land on as a result of a battle.

1)  Bridge- No Power Card needed.

2)      Power Cards:

Batcopter- Leaves from Wayne Field or Luxor Oil

Batboat-  Ride across river from any space along the river

Utility Belt-  Go through tunnel

(You must play your Power Card before spinning the spinner.)




·        The Joker and Catwoman’s Hideouts have water entrances.  Players may reach them with a Batboat card.

·        Players unable to cross the river may move until they land on a Bat Symbol space and obtain the appropriate Power Card.

·        Players may spin a number greater than the number of spaces to the Batcave, Luxor Oil Terminal, Wayne Field or any hideout and still land on any of those spaces.

·        If you run out of cards, shuffle the discard pile and reuse.

·        No battles in the Batcave.




Place the glow-in-the-dark game board directly under a bright light for 5 minutes.  Set up the game as written in “To Start Play” section.  To play the game, use only the outer section of the board.  Players race from the Gotham Institute of Technology to the Batcave.  The first player to reach the Batcave wins.  No cards are needed to cross the river.  Players do not draw a card when they land on Bat Symbol space, and players are not allowed to use the shortcuts.




From 2 to 6 people can play.



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