Busy Busy Builder

Rules of Play




Game Board

1 Screwdriver Spinner

1 Tool Belt

20 Tools (4 hammers, 4 screwdrivers, 4 wrenches, 4 bolts, 4 nuts)

1 Sore Thumb

4 Movers (half-size bolts)





Players spin the spinner to move around the game board, collecting the Tool Belt and all of the tools of the player’s color (hammer, screwdriver, wrench, bolt, nut).  Players try to avoid wearing the Sore Thumb.


NOTE:  The tools really work.  Use the screwdriver or the wrench to put together or take apart the nut and bolt.


Set Up


Assemble the spinner.  From the back side of the game board  (the brown side), push the circular base through the hole.  From the front of the game board, place the screwdriver spinner into the base.


Each player chooses a colored bolt (mover) which will be the same color as the tools the player attempts to collect while moving around the game board.


All colored bolts (movers) begin on the “Start” spot.


Playing the Game


The youngest player goes first by spinning the spinner and moving his/her colored half-size bolt (mover) counterclockwise around the board the number of spaces indicated by the spin.  Players follow the directions for the space landed on.  Then the player’s turn is over.


NOTE:  Players may share the same space.





Game Board Spaces


Tool Spaces


The player takes the tool of the same color as his/her mover from the tool box (game box).  If the piece has already been collected then the player’s turn is over.


If the Tool Belt is in the player’s possession then the player puts the tool just collected into one of the Tool Belt loops.


NOTE:  Once the nut and bolt are collected, the Busy, Busy Builders should put them together (screw the nut onto the bolt).  It will be easier to store in the Tool Belt that way.


Tool Belt Space


Take the Tool Belt from the game box or from the player who is wearing it.  If some tools have already been collected, put those tools in the Tool Belt loops.


NOTE:  If the Tool Belt goes to another player, the present owner of the Tool Belt must take his/her tools out before passing the Tool Belt onto the next player.


Sore Thumb Space


Ouch!  The player takes the Sore Thumb from the game box or from another player who is wearing it and places it on his/her thumb. 


A player may get rid of the Sore Thumb in one of the following ways:


Return 1 Space


The player must return either the Sore Thumb or one of his/her tools or the Tool Belt to the game box.  If the player has nothing to return, the turn is over.


Take 1 Space


The player takes one tool of his/her color from the game box or the Tool Belt from the player who is wearing it.



Start Space


If a player lands on the “Start” space, that player can either treat it like the “Take 1” space or return the Sore Thumb to the game box.


Winning the Game


The first player to collect all the tools of his/her color (hammer, screwdriver, wrench, bolt, nut) and the Tool Belt – while NOT wearing the Sore Thumb – is the winner – the Busy, Busy Builder!


©2005 University Games Corporation