To be the first player to help the Prince rescue Sleeping Beauty from the Castle.


Note:  To reach the Castle, players must have 2 matching cards.




4 Prince playing pieces, 8 Fairy Cards, two piece game board (Forest and Castle) and a spinner.




1.      Assemble the playing pieces and the spinner.  The playing pieces need to be punched out, folded in half and placed in a stand.  Insert the spinner into the center of the spinner platform.  The two boards should be placed next to each other so that the paths connect.

2.      Separate the cards into two stacks.  One stack with vines and one stack with swords.

3.      Shuffle each stack separately.

4.      Deal one vine card fairy side up to each player.

5.      Take the sword cards and place them with the Fairy side up next to each of the four purple Fairy locations (The Evil Fairy, The Wild Animals, The Stream and The Enchanted Forest).

6.      Select a playing piece and put it at START




1.      Youngest player spins and moves his/her playing piece the correct number of spaces toward one of the Fairy Spaces.  S/he may start in either direction.

2.      Play continues clockwise (to the left).

3.      Players can move forward and backward around the board, but may move only one direction per turn.  Two players may occupy the same square.  Players may move through Start, counting it as one space.

4.      When a player lands on a Fairy Card Space, s/he looks at the card at that location.  If the color on the card matches the color in the player’s hand, then s/he keeps it.  If the card does not match then it should be returned face down to its location.  An exact spin is not required to stop at a Fairy Card space.

5.      Players only have one card in their hand until they find the card with the matching color.  (Example: Red Vine cards cannot pick-up a card until s/he finds the Red Sword card)

6.      If a player spins green or lands on a green space, s/he should move ahead three spaces.

7.      If a player lands on a red space, s/he goes back three spaces.

8.      In order to move up to the Castle, players must have two cards of the same color (one sword and one vine).  When a player reaches the end of the Forest, s/he should use the Cards to connect the two paths.  This is done by leaning the cards against the side of the box.




The first player to help the Prince jump into the Castle and save Sleeping Beauty wins the game.  An exact spin is not required to win.




From 2 to 4 people can play.







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