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Spinner Books™


Spinner Books Product Catalog
Spinner Books for Adults
(Ages 10 & up)
20 Questions
Blast From The Past
Truth or Dare
30 Second Mysteries
30 Second Mysteries Vol. II
Ultimate TV Trivia
30 Second Mysteries 2 Book Set
Can You Beat Ken?
Brain Sharpener
More 30 Second Mysteries™
30 Second Mysteries Case Files
Chicks Battle The Dudes
Armchair Puzzlers (Ages 12 & up)
Word Searches
Word Puzzles
Optical Teasers
Symbol Simon
Secret Identities
The Overstuffed Book of Puzzlers
Logic Puzzles
Crossword Searches
Money Puzzles
Mad Mazes
Overstuffed Baffling Puzzlers
The Overstuffed Befuddling Armchair Puzzlers
Grandpa’s Barrel of Bafflin’ Puzzles
Armchair Puzzlers 4 Book Set
Made You Laugh (Ages 12 & up)
Comic Crosswords
Wacky Word Searches
Kooky Cryptograms
Batty Brainteasers
Laugh Out Loud
Rocking Chair Puzzlers (Ages 12 & up)
Brain Teasers 2
Secret Identities
Word Puzzles
Ball Busters (Ages 12 & up)
Science Fair-Fun (Ages 10-16)
Physics (5 Book Set)
Life Science (5 Book Set)
Chemistry (5 Book Set)
Earth Sciences (5 Book Set)
Spinner Books for Kids (Ages 7-12)
20 Questions for Kids
Kids Battle the Grown-Ups
30 Second Mysteries for Kids
Totally Gross
Spinner Books for Kids 2 Book Set
Kids Rule
20 Questions for Girls
Word Searches for Kids
I-Ballers (Ages 7-12)
Picture Puzzles
Secret Messages
Made You Laugh for Kids
(Ages 8-12)
Wacky Word Searches
Truth or Dare
Zany Riddles
Madcap Mazes
Big Undies
The San Francisco School Collection (Ages 4-8)
Do I Bug You? Book