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Grateful Dead the Game
Grateful Dead the Game

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In Grateful Deadô The Game, players travel through time with the Grateful Dead, collecting concert tickets along the way by answering both interactive and trivia-oriented questions. The team that collects the most tickets wins.

Name the next lyrics to a song, get your teammates to guess which song you are humming or name where the Dead played their only New Year's Eve concert outside the San Francisco Bay area. Each will win your team a ticket. And when you land on or spin "I Need a Miracle Ticket," it's time to wager just how much you know!

Packed with art and imagery of the Grateful Dead and the times they defined, this game takes players on a multi-sensory trip with the Dead, celebrating their music and history.

Game comes with game board, spinner, 4 dancing skeleton game pieces, over 900 questions about the Dead, 100 concert tickets and instructions. For 2 or more adult players.
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