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One try is not enough. This suspenseful skill and action game will keep children and parents laughing and wanting to play more. Waking the dog is the best part!

Beware of the Dog Game


Based on the award winning books by Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser. No one knows fancy like Nancy. Move around the large oversized game board while collecting items from some of Nancy's favorite places. This game reinforces color matching, critical thinking, decision-making and sharing.

Fancy Nancy™ Big Easy™ Game


This colorful children's game combines learning and fun with goofy, educational gameplay, befitting the playful monkeys of Eileen Christelow's celebrated Five Little Monkeys books. Both the books and the new game were inspired by the well-known nursery rhyme – "Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed".

Great for preschoolers, The Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed™ Game introduces children to counting and strategy while developing fine motor skills.

Even better, an element of surprise has been added to the fun, with monkeys that actually jump off a live-action bed! The included bed randomly shakes and sends the monkeys jumping, bringing smiles and giggles to preschoolers as they learn to count.

Before the monkeys can go to bed they must get ready. Players get to act out taking a bath, brushing their teeth, putting on their PJs and going to bed as they move their monkeys around the board. Once children act out the bedroom activities and get 5 of their monkeys on the bed – they win!

Five Little Monkeys™ Jumping on the Bed Game


The fabulous World of Eric Carle and The Very Hungry Caterpillar have become a part of childhood storytime, now entertaining a third generation of picture book readers. The Very Hungry Caterpillar will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2009. University Games expanded its successful Eric Carle game line with the Brown Bear - Panda Bear, What Do You See?™ Game, The Very Quiet Cricket™ Game, The Grouchy Ladybug™ Game and in 2008 we introduced Eric Carle's ABC Game! University Games will also introduce a new Eric Carle puzzle assortment featuring artwork from Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? and 10 Little Rubber Ducks books.


Based on the NY Times best-selling book, which has sold over 2.5 million copies in a year. The Dangerous Book for Boys card game is filled with challenging brainteasers for boys and girls of all ages. The first player to 60 points wins.

Also, try all four of our Dangerous Book for Boys magic kits.

Dangerous Book for Boys Card Game


Everyone knows at least one smart ass and this hilarious game puts them in the spotlight. Following a new license with Australian company Red Media, University Games has released the American version of Smart Ass® the Board Game in the United States.

The title says it all; Smart Ass® is an outrageous party game where everybody plays every turn. Originally launched in Australia in 2006, Smart Ass® quickly became a top-selling hit. The Australian Games Association recently named Smart Ass® the 2007 Game of the Year from a field of more than 50 nominated games.

Smart Ass® is the brainchild of Rob Elliot, the long-time host of Wheel of Fortune in Australia. The goal was to create a game that corrects the pitfalls of other trivia games. In Smart Ass®, everybody is always involved and the game doesn't labor on for hours. There are no "turns" in Smart Ass®. Every player races to yell out the right answer before the smart ass next to them can.

Each question has a mystery topic with 10 clues describing a well-known person, place or thing. True smart asses will only need to hear a few clues before yelling out the answer. The smart ass always wins by reaching the donkey's derriere first.

Smart Ass® Game


Based on the original best-selling Nintendo® DS game, the release of Big Brain Academy™ coincides with the growth of mental fitness as a prominent social trend and a reoccurring topic in the media. Growing numbers of people, especially baby boomers, are increasingly concerned about Alzheimer's and are looking for products that encourage brain sharpness and mental acuity. This exciting alliance with Nintendo recognizes society's renewed interest in mind stimulation activities such as logic puzzles and challenging board games. Like the Nintendo® DS version, Big Brain Academy™ board game provides mind-flexing exercises, challenging players of all ages both mentally and physically.

At the Big Brain Academy™, players exercise their brains in five categories: Analyze, Identify, Compute, Memorize and Think. Brain-friendly exercises range from properly reciting tongue twisters to correctly computing a set of coins. Other questions include matchmakers, pathfinders, heavyweight comparisons, cube counting and tangram exercises.

Big Brain Academy™ cadets play in teams, collecting scoring chips for each correct answer given within a 30-second time limit. The chips have different weights, signifying each question's difficulty. At the end of the game, each team weighs their collective chips to determine which team has the heaviest brain. Each Big Brain Academy™ board game is equipped with a "Brain-O-Meter" balance scale – used to weigh each player's chips. May the biggest and heaviest brain win!

Big Brain Academy™ Board Game


Think you know how to get through life? You'll be surprised when you play the game! The Worst-Case Scenario®: Game Of Surviving Life™ prepares players for just about anything life might throw at them. Do you know "how to stop an overflowing toilet in the executive washroom?" Or, are you still grieving over love lost? Learn "how to handle a breakup?" What about earthquakes, sunburns, proper workplace deportment and social situations? The Worst-Case Scenario®: Game Of Surviving Life™ has the answers.

The Worst-Case Scenario®: Game Of Surviving Life™ takes players from birth to death through life's stages - youth, college, career and family - with nearly 600 thought-provoking, fun-filled questions. The game encourages players to evaluate their life choices as they traverse life's many crossroads. From youthful uncertainty, through the ups and downs of a professional life, Worst-Case Scenario® spotlights the big choices we all make and the places we end up going. As such, the game details several common life paths. Some can lead to comfy condominiums, while others wind down to skid row.

Aside from teaching players valuable everyday information and important survival skills, The Worst-Case Scenario®: Game Of Surviving Life™ reinforces that it's never too late to move up in life and change your lot.

Worst Case Scenario®: The Game of Surviving Life™


Honey, I shrunk the game board!
Pocket Games are not card games, they're complete, fully playable board games at less than half the price of the full size games! Each pocket game includes a mini game board, question cards, playing pieces, a die and instructions. With readable type, sturdy packaging and attractive game pieces, Pocket Games are just as user-friendly as the big board games in your game room. The colorful game boards are included, just scaled smaller, approximately 5" x 9.3".

University Games has adapted some of its best-selling board games into Pocket Games. Totally Gross!® The Game of Science joins the award winning Brain Quest Game and the classic 20 Questions® For Kids™ game in the first assortment of "Pocket Games", with more titles on the way.

Pocket Games™


Anti-Monopoly™ is an update of the original monopoly folk game that is over 100 years old. Anti-Monopoly™ was created by a leading economist and uniquely pits monopolists against their free market competitors.

Anti-Monopoly™ pits free market competitors against the market-rigging monopolists, in a battle that is fought daily between American businesses. By blocking competitors from setting up monopolies, free market competitors can get rich while charging fair prices. The greedy monopolists, on the other hand, try to purchase all properties and squeeze consumers with sky-high prices. Parents can play with kids, both learning the same lessons taught in Economics 101 classes at top universities around the world.